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NINGBO CNACC is an international trader, specializing in home decoration items. Our creative teams travel around the world to bring the latest trends and styling ideas, presenting new collections that contain 6000 SKU in Canton Fair twice a year. Today we have more than 100 staff members, a 2000 sqm showroom in NINGBO and a 1000 sqm showroom in CANTON. As a leading company in Home Deco.field, we work with thousands of customers from over 50 countries and regions all over the world. Meanwhile, tailor-made strategy is always regarded as our core competence for the valued customers. Benefit from a good relationship of over 500 domestic crafts manufacturers, CNACC has developed a steady supply chain with various materials of wood, metal, glass, rattan, fabric, candle, etc. We link our customers and manufactures to achieve long-term cooperation. Together we follow the road to sustainability, warm, relaxing and vibrant.

Why choose us ?

CNACC’s ageless and visionary design, meant to stand the test of time at are reasonable price for every budget. CNACC’s certified factories, leveraging their experience to guarantee the highest quality and efficiency Standards CNACC’ sun-paralleled expertise in balancing fashion and sustainability, producing its stylish creations while minimizing environmental impact. CNACC’s first-rate after sales and customer service,mindfully and promptly addressing its customers’ requests.