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Our Brand

Just like 25 years ago when our brand came to life, we know that a limitless creative force is still inside us, waiting to be awakened: thanks to that power, together with our partners and customers, every day we give birth to the most inspiring, fascinating worlds, directly inside their homes.

We help them design a universe where our daily life becomes an enchanting story of multicolored passion, inimitable style, sustainable and creative uniqueness, embracing the past to keep it contemporary; treasuring the present to shape the future.

Right in the place that everyone loves the best, and imagines the most: our home, our world, our own creation.

CNACC's essential goal has remained the same since our brand was born: to offer its partners and customers the most suitable means and ways to decorate their daily environments, their most beloved rooms, their most intimate spaces, finally giving their most personal styles the home they deserve.